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Welcome To Telemedicine From Pediatrician Next Door

Your Pediatrician Next Door is now pleased to offer you private, encrypted, HIPPA-compliant Pediatric Video Telemedicine Consults in addition to House Calls. It's a Virtual House Call! All you need is a computer or device (smartphone or tablet) with a camera and microphone.

Telemedicine is the use of technology that you probably have in your home or in your hand to allow you to see and hear your provider from a distant site.

Sometimes you have concerns about your child's health, and you just want to talk to a pediatric expert. 

  • "Is this normal?"
  • "Should we worry?"
  • "Do we need to take our child to the ER, to the pediatrician's office, or just wait this out?"

These are just some of the many parental questions and concerns that may be just right for a Telemedicine Consult with an experienced provider. Dr. Miranda may also be able to evaluate your child's general appearance, breathing rate, certain rashes and other skin conditions, appearance of the eyes, mouth and throat, and, yes, you can save that weird-looking diaper to share with him.

More importantly, Dr. Miranda may be able to alert you when a Telemedicine Consult is not appropriate and to help you seek the right level of care.

Step 1: Review Consent forms

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Please Review Telemedicine Consent and Practice Disclosures

This form will be emailed to you for electronic signature. Before you receive the form for electronic signature, please View or Download it to see more details. 

In brief, by signing this form you are certifying that

  1. you are the parent or legal guardian of the patient,
  2. you and the patient are physically located within the borders of the State of Colorado,
  3. you understand that Pediatrician Next Door, LLC does not accept health insurance nor provide insurance billing services; however, you will receive a Superbill with diagnostic and service codes that can be submitted to your insurance provider,
  4. you understand that Telemedicine is not the same as a direct patient/health care provider visit since the patient will not be in the same room as the provider and that the provider cannot complete some parts of the typical physical exam,
  5. you understand that technical difficulties with videoconferencing may occur such that either you or the provider may discontinue the visit if either feels it is either unsafe or inadequate to continue,
  6. you understand that HIPPA privacy and confidentiality protection laws also apply to Telemedicine,
  7. you have the right to refuse Telemedicine service and withdraw your consent at any time without affecting your right to future care or treatment,
  8. you will have access to medical records in accordance with Colorado State Law.

Please Review General Consent for Care and Treatment

This form will be emailed to you for electronic signature. Before you receive the form for electronic signature, please View or Download it to see more details. 

In brief, by signing this form you are consenting to allow Dr. Gregory Miranda to perform a medical evaluation of and make care and treatment recommendations for your child. You may withdraw this consent at any time.

If your preferred appointment time is unavailable, just call 970-763-7540. We may be able to accommodate you--even after hours.

Step 3: Begin Visit At Scheduled Time

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Confirmation Email: Appointment Scheduled

Look for an email from

We will notify you as soon as possible if we need to reschedule.

At Your Appointment Time Link To Virtual Waiting Room Here

Pediatrician Next Door Virtual Waiting Room

Pediatrician Next Door uses technology for Telemedicine

Step 4: After your visit

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Via encrypted email (Proofpoint Essentials), we will send you a Visit Summary, a Patient Education handout (if there is a good one that applies to your situation), and a Superbill that you may submit to your health insurance provider if you so choose. In Colorado, Telemedicine encounters are generally reimbursed at the same level as in-person provider encounters; however, Dr. Miranda's services are considered to be out-of network by all insurance providers.

Invoice and Payment

We will email you an invoice that you can pay online by ACH or credit card. The paid invoice record will be your receipt. 

Telemedicine Consent and Consent to Treat Forms

Pediatrician Next Door Telemedicine Consent Form (pdf)


Pediatrician Next Door Consent to Treat Form (pdf)